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mise en place Calce Bianca osteria
Staff Calce Bianca Osteria Contemporanea

A concept that blends well with the location, an ancient residence that stands among the characteristic alleys of the white city of Ostuni. An evocative space characterized by exposed stone and barrel vaults, completed by a contemporary interior design. This combination of elements creates a unique atmosphere, whose minimalism is the essence of each dish. Material, taste and style are the values of our cooking manifesto. The fresh, high-quality ingredients are carefully selected to offer a unique experience, thanks also to the combinations of flavors and innovative cooking techniques. The presentation of the dishes is pure design, in which shapes, colors and textures interact harmoniously to create a true style experience. Calce Bianca offers a contemporary cuisine that embraces creativity, innovation and culinary excellence, accompanying each guest in the discovery of flavors and new emotions.

Calce Bianca is Lorenzo, Ilaria, Giovanni and Manuela.


A perfect combination of teamwork, dedication and love for the excellent material, which follows the rhythms of the seasons, offering a unique and authentic culinary experience thanks to the straightforward style of Lorenzo Angelini. After traveling the world, our chef has returned to Puglia with a new sensitivity and attitude towards a cuisine that expresses the identity of the place, in an innovative, simple and light way. Always in love with his work, Lorenzo Angelini offers quality contemporary cuisine, linked to the territory, with an eye towards new taste contaminations, capable of enhancing every single ingredient.  Every day we are committed to do our job to the fullest, experimenting, having fun and, above all, creating a pleasant atmosphere where every customer can feel like a truly special guest.

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